How long should we hire a DJ at our wedding reception?

Generally speaking a wedding reception is between 6-8 hours. 8 hours if you would like your DJ present through dinner.

For more clarification, reach out to us in Durham Region at (905) 926-2211 – or – in Toronto at (647) 793-6527

Can we speak with OUR Disc Jockey?

Ummm yes, you most certainly can! We will ponder your evenings details and musical tastes very carefully prior to your evening and make a confident selection for you based on your entertainers skill set. The sooner you can submit your information, the sooner we can put you in touch with your DJ!

Do Durham DJs consume alcohol?

Absolutely not, never and at no time will we consume alcohol. This is a common understanding among the whole team, again, we will not consume alcohol, ever.

What is your dress code?

Being that we’re a modern and fashion forward company, looking cool is important to us. This being said, we’re able to pull of a smart or business casual look depending on your requirements. However if your event requires more of a formal touch, it would be our pleasure to accommodate your needs.

Do you take breaks?

We don’t have any camels on staff (yet) so the occasional washroom break may be necessary, however we have short, pre recorded tracks to assist so that we can go undetected.

I'm stuck for music ideas...

Great news, we have several “most commonly selected” playlists to help with your planning. Have a look at them here

Are you licensed?

We are licensed by an agency called CONNECT Music Licensing, formerly AVLA. This is the governing standard in music licensing and a mandatory component when publicly acting in the capacity as a Disc Jockey in Canada. If your DJ isn’t licensed, you may want to call Durham DJs.

For more clarification, reach out to us in Durham Region at (905) 926-2211 – or – in Toronto at (647) 753-6527

Are you a part of any DJ associations?

When we’re not rubbing elbows at parties and weddings we’re mingling with the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association and the Canadian Disc Jockey Association. #truth

Does Durham DJs have liability insurance?

This is a very important piece of information to know. The answer is yes, we do have liability insurance.

Do you take requests?

Sure do! we actually prefer it. How else are we going to know your favourites?!

What type and quality of equipment do you use?

We always use state of the art, brand new equipment. Although we have great back-up plans in place, having new equipments minimizes the chances of failure.

Will you accept a 'do not play list' from us?

Of course! It’s online and confidential. We wouldn’t want to play that song…you know that one!? :-D

Do you set up early before the guests arrive?